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It’s Not Just About Technology

NFP Health’s unique background both as a company and team of people behind the scenes, includes a few unique factors that differentiate them from companies offering similar exchange solutions.

The first unique factor that differentiates NFP Health from other potential solutions is their experience in owning and operating one of the largest private multi-carrier health benefits exchanges in America, HSA Insurance, for over 40 years.

Second is the tacit expertise of NFP Health’s team in working directly with some of the nation’s leading health plans, as well as two of the most successful state-based exchanges and certain hybrid government insurance benefits programs.

And third, is the technology background of the development and implementation teams, which have supported insurance exchanges through the transition from client/ server architectures to more modern EDI and web services-driven systems of today. Their team represents a set of people with proven, real-world technological experience who have been exposed to nearly every scenario and configuration of health insurance shopping, enrollment, billing and collections.

The ultimate success of an exchange hinges on trust.

NFP Health for Proven Success

Whether you are:

  • A small health or Medicaid plan looking to offer commercial products on a federal or a state-based exchange;
  • A larger health plan evaluating a ‘buy versus build’ decision to enhance or replace a legacy premium billing system with one that is ACA compliant;
  • A new federally facilitated CO-OP trying to minimize investment in systems and staff; or
  • A systems integrator working with a state-based exchange and are looking for a partner with proven financial management expertise…

You will find that NFP Health has unmatched expertise in the design, implementation and operation of Premium Billing Solutions in all of the above scenarios. They have built and support solutions for federal and state-based exchanges, multi-carrier private exchanges, federally-facilitated CO-OPs and some of the nation’s leading health plans. NFP Health can support your needs as well.

The NFP Health team currently supports the ongoing financial management operations of HSA Insurance, HealthSource RI, DC Health Link as well as individual carriers participating on HealthCare.gov.

NFP Health continues to be the leader in premium billing solutions for both public and private health benefits exchanges. Their flexible architecture means that they can quickly implement a premium billing solution customized to meet each client’s unique needs, on time, on budget and most importantly, with proven, reliable results.

In addition to their unique expertise in premium billing, NFP Health’s capabilities go deeper than just technology, including highly experienced people and proven processes that support many aspects of both public and private health benefits exchanges.

The NFP Health customer service team supports members across three states and the District of Columbia covering more than twenty health plans.

We are confident that we can support your needs as well.

A Comprehensive Solution

NFP Health has a long history of working with health plans, small businesses, brokers and chambers of commerce in New England. For more than 45 years, NFP Health’s focus has been on the role of the broker in the purchase of insurance products and the service NFP Health provides to their clients.

As a pioneer in the design, implementation and delivery of health benefits exchanges, NFP Health has a long record of operating one of the largest and most successful benefits marketplaces in New England, Health Services Administrators – www.hsainsurance.com. The NFP Health team provides sales, enrollment, billing, information technology, operations, broker functionality and customer services across several insurance lines, including medical, dental, Medicare plans, life and short-term disability, on behalf of more than twenty carriers.

The core of the NFP Health business is the way in which we provide customer service to all our members. We have invested heavily on building a team of experienced and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives who can handle virtually any question presented to them from our small business customers, non-group customers and outside brokers. We have successfully used our customer service model with each of our implementations.

NFP Health currently supports the Financial Management and Premium Billing, EDI Enrollment and Call Center services for multiple private exchanges, as well as the public exchanges in Rhode Island, the District of Columbia and individual carriers participating on the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (www.healthcare.gov).

Featured Content

Read the new NFP Health Case Study “How One Medicaid Plan Prepared for the ACA Commercial Marketplace” to find out how Network Health, a Massachusetts health plan that serves more than 222,000 members with low and moderate incomes, worked with NFP Health to enter the commercial marketplace in advance of health care reform and the changes that were coming in 2014.

NFP Health’s turnkey solution allows traditional Medicaid plans, such as Network Health, to seamlessly enter the ACA Commercial Marketplace. Our comprehensive model features a robust online shopping portal, as well as a full administrative platform including: eligibility & enrollment, premium billing, call center and EDI.


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