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NFP Health has unmatched expertise in the design, implementation and operation of a comprehensive Health Benefits Exchange. Over the past 40 years, we have operated one of the nation’s premier insurance benefits marketplaces in New England, covering several hundred thousand members with our products and services.

Through many years of direct operational experience, NFP Health has developed the technology, processes and relationships that have built one of the nation’s only full service health benefits exchanges. In fact, the NFP Health Benefits Exchange operates in the same market as the only fully operational public exchange.

Much has been made of the fact that the American Health Benefit Exchange described in the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is based on existing health care reform in Massachusetts. What is not widely understood is that the Massachusetts law borrows from the experience of our highly successful private exchange that has been insuring citizens in the state for almost half a century, without a penny of taxpayer dollars. With the exception of subsidized members, the NFP Health Exchange has significantly more members enrolled than the comparable public program, all with superior customer service and plan options as well. Many organizations claim to have some experience in designing, building or operating Health Benefits Exchanges, but for NFP Health it is our ONLY FOCUS.

Over the coming months, individual states will design and build health benefits exchanges, potentially costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. NFP Health offers a turn-key approach to implementing a comprehensive yet modular Health Benefits Exchange, built on prudent, self-sufficient and tested systems. We are operating tomorrow's exchange today.....

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Read the new NFP Health Case Study "How One Medicaid Plan Prepared for the ACA Commercial Marketplace" to find out how Network Health, a Massachusetts health plan that serves more than 222,000 members with low and moderate incomes, worked with NFP Health to enter the commercial marketplace in advance of health care reform and the changes that were coming in 2014.

NFP Health’s turnkey solution allows traditional Medicaid plans, such as Network Health, to seamlessly enter the ACA Commercial Marketplace. Our comprehensive model features a robust online shopping portal, as well as a full administrative platform including: enrollment & underwriting, premium billing, call center and EDI.

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NFP Health has been selected to be a Preferred Vendor for the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP)

NFP Health has operated one of the nation’s premier multi-carrier health benefits marketplaces in New England over the past 40 years, working with a wide range of health plan partners. NFP Health’s leadership has extensive experience working with individual health plans, as well as multi-carrier state operated public health benefits exchanges, government benefits programs, and newly created federal co-ops. Recently, NFP Health was selected by Network Health Plan to provide a full administrative platform, including a robust shopping portal, so that the Medicaid plan could enter the commercial marketplace.

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Total premium billed: $5.25 billion+
Total Businesses served: 200,000+
Total lives insured to date: 750,000+
Over 1 Million insurance quotes generated annually

Total participating brokers: 3,130
Customer service calls per month: 17,300
Affiliated chambers and associations: 400