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The NFP Health Marketplace Manager is a suite of products and services designed to create and operate private and public exchanges. It also supports carriers seeking a sales, enrollment and billing platform and integration to an exchange.

We share industry space with a raft of competitors, some new, some old, but all who provide  technology such as secure cloud hosting, integration points on standards such as EDI and XML, and modular design.

So what makes the NFP Health Marketplace Manager different?


We are the only company which proved its technology NOT on others, but on its own private, multi-carrier, multi-product exchange.

In fact, that exchange is at the core of our business, generates the majority of our revenue, and the failure of our software and services literally means bankruptcy. Packaging that technology and services together is what makes up the NFP Health Marketplace Manager, built from the ground up to run an exchange, and tested over nearly two decades on the largest health insurance marketplace in the Northeast.

Has your exchange vendor bet the farm on its own product? We do, every day.

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