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NFP Health’s Medical Loss Ratio Services

NFP Health has the answer to your MLR questions. We have developed a complete solution for health plans who have challenges around MLR rebates.  No longer do you have to worry about the potential volume of rebates, issuing and reissuing checks, answering calls from employees and their families, or tracking uncashed checks.  No longer do you have to rely on your payroll vendor or bank to complete check issuing, then realize your health plan is still responsible for the back end services that these vendors can not provide.  By using NFP Health’s MLR Services, your finance team will be able to once again focus on the financial operations of the health plan.

NFP Health’s MLR Services are flexible, cost-effective, and complete. By working with your health plan, NFP Health’s MLR Services will provide the following services to your finance area:

  • Check Issuing and Reissuing
  • Call Center Support
  • Reporting and Tracking
  • Reconciliation

For more than 40 years, NFP Health has offered a comprehensive suite of administrative services to some of the nation’s leading health plans. We are your partner for premium billing, enrollment – and now MLR rebates. Contact us today to learn more.

Recent clients include DC HealthLink, HealthSourceRI, Minuteman Health, Network Health, Health Services Administrators, The Medical Security Program

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