The Beginning

NFP Health has been successfully serving individuals and small businesses for more than forty years. Originally established in 1969 as the Massachusetts Business Association, MBA paved the way for small groups to band together to advocate and lobby for an improved small business environment. With particular emphasis on health insurance, MBA began to bring members more value from group purchasing power by negotiating with carriers to acquire benefit packages that were traditionally available only to large businesses. To support this purpose, MBA developed into one of the first benefits exchanges, bringing choice and cost effective solutions to its small business and individual members.

Removing Barriers

Throughout the next few decades, MBA became a leading provider of employee benefits for small business owners and the self employed in Massachusetts. Based on a strong understanding of the small group market, MBA worked with carriers, regulators and the legislature to remove barriers and develop and manage specific products for this market.

A Decade of Transformation…

During the 2000’s, the company became stronger and more robust through a series of acquisitions and mergers.. In 2003, MBA was purchased by National Financial Partners (NFP). That same year NFP purchased and merged Interlink Business Services (IBS) of Rhode Island. IBS offered health plan billing and enrollment to small businesses with an emphasis on distribution through chambers of commerce in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In 2008, NFP purchased and merged Northeast Business Trust with MBA. NBT’s structure mirrored that of MBA, with an emphasis on broker distribution. The result of these transactions is the first fully functional private exchange whose distribution model spans all aspects of the small group and individual marketplace.

And Achievement…

During the past decade, the health insurance marketplace has experienced a complete transformation, particularly in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts market has been on the cutting edge of health insurance reform; offering subsidies to small businesses and their qualified employees; having a fully guaranteed issue individual and small group market; numerous regulatory changes; heavy scrutiny of all administrative costs, and at the center of it all, an individual mandate.  Through it all NFP Health has adapted and thrived, and become a recognized leader in this vibrant health care environment.

NFP Health is the result of more than forty years of tremendous foresight, dedication, and continued advocacy for providing health insurance and employee benefits to small employers and individuals.