Rich DiLonardo

Rich DiLonardo, Manager

Rich is a Manager for NFP Health, where he is responsible for all call center operations. Rich leads all client-facing services and support, including inbound call support, online chat and correspondence with clients via mail.

Rich has over 25 years of leadership experience providing client and customer related services to many organizations in a variety of industries, including some of the largest players in Health Care, Medical and Pharmaceutical.

Rich came to NFP Health from Dell Services, where he was responsible for Call Center Operations and Analytics at the Commonwealth Health Connector Authority. In this role Rich led the team of call center representatives who handled all incoming customer and prospect inquiries into the Commonwealth Care Program. Rich also developed multiple tools and processes to facilitate call center productivity and continuing staff development, with an emphasis on identifying and leveraging best practices. The Commonwealth Care program is the highly referenced model for national healthcare reform, and serves the residents of Massachusetts with insurance programs that meet minimal coverage requirements that the state has established as a requirement for all residents since 2006. Rich worked with the original implementation team for Perot Systems (now Dell Services) to establish key technology infrastructure and processes that were instrumental to the ongoing success of this first of its kind program, including call center automation, knowledge management and workflow automation.

Prior to his work with Perot Systems, Rich held various senior leadership roles with the Delphi Group, where he was instrumental in growing Delphi’s footprint in 5 countries. Rich was responsible for the licensing and distribution of Delphi’s trademarked methodologies, including sourcing strategies, business process analysis and redesign, corporate portals, knowledge management and workflow management. Rich has been quoted many times in domestic and international industry publications. Delphi Group was named one of the most successful technology consulting practices in America and was included as one of the fastest growing companies on the Inc. 500 listing. Delphi Group served thousands of clients, and Rich had direct responsibility for global account growth and support over a 10 year period. Delphi Group was acquired by Perot Systems in 2004.

Rich is a native of New Jersey who has lived in New England since completing his graduate studies at Boston University in 1977. He currently resides in Rhode Island with his wife, and spends much of his free time trying to keep pace with his 3 grown stepdaughters and grandson. Rich is a strong advocate for the idea that “All business is customer service.” Rich is well-versed on the challenges facing individuals and businesses with regard to selection of health benefits, and has worked diligently to create a support structure at NFP Health that works as a trusted partner for support and counsel on their important questions and decisions.