Who We Work With

We work with a variety of clients, with a range of needs from business to operations and technology strategy and execution. Each have their own unique needs, and between the configurability and flexibility of our technology solutions, our operational experience in owning and running a fully-functioning multi-carrier private exchange, and the expertise of our staff, we pride ourselves on creating solutions that fit our client’s needs exactly.

Working with Government Agencies

With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA), both State governments and the Federal government are struggling to understand –  never mind meet – the significant mandates to build, maintain and continue to expand Health Benefits Exchanges. As government leaders start the planning process, it is critical that they leverage expertise from individuals and organizations that have direct relevant operational experience with Health Benefits Exchanges and Private Marketplaces.

NFP Health is a leader in both these areas, with one of the longest operating private insurance marketplaces in the country through HSAInsurance.com, as well as direct expertise with the first full service public exchange, the Commonwealth Connector Authority in Massachusetts.  The Connector is the recognized model for national healthcare reform, with services offered to subsidized residents, individuals, families and small groups.

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Working with Commercial Health Plans

NFP Health has a long history of strong partnerships with Health Plans. In 1969, NFP Health (formerly known as the Massachusetts Business Association) partnered with the health plans in Massachusetts to offer health insurance to employers with fewer than five employees. Prior to this, group insurance for this size employer was not available. Through the new alliance between the health plans and NFP Health, these small businesses could now shop among health plans and select health insurance that met the needs and price range of this business segment. NFP Health has since expanded beyond the borders of Massachusetts, and now works with small businesses in Rhode Island and New Hampshire, as well as every health plan in each of these states.

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Working with Medicaid Plans

NFP Health’s turnkey solution allows smaller, traditional Medicaid plans to seamlessly enter the ACA commercial marketplace.

Our comprehensive model features a robust online shopping portal, as well as a full administrative platform including: shopping, sales, eligibility & enrollment, premium billing, operations, and reporting.

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